The Cleaning Bear helps cleaning businesses with their marketing. We have pulled together marketing strategies from successful companies and adapted them to the cleaning industry.

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Starting a Cleaning Business?
ATTN: New Cleaning Companies or Starting a Cleaning Business
Did you start a cleaning business and find it’s hard to find clients?
Did you find that even though you offer great services, you struggled to juggle getting clients, create professional branding, and run your business at the same time?
And did you try marketing yourself or hire a professional and still are getting disappointing results?
Even though you feel like you should be finding clients and filling your calendar with jobs with ease?
Unfortunately, I know your problem all too well.
As a marketing business owner, I've struggled with delivering my marketing services and running my business myself. I also found that what worked for one company didn't work for another. 

With cleaning clients, you usually run into one of the following problems:

Number 1

They Won't Sign Up for Services

While you may have purchased a "proven" marketing funnel or hired professional services, it doesn't mean it will instantly work for your business or selling style. You may be hitting the wrong audience, not offering the right services, or showing the wrong ad. 
Number 2

They Don't Trust You in Their Home

Whether it’s them trusting us with their marketing or trusting your cleaning company in their home, the client must trust that you are going to do a good job and not do harm. The "do harm" is the key, that is fear stopping them from signing up with your services even if you have the cheapest rates. It’s a trust issue, not a rate issue and you should value yourself more than be the cheapest rate and struggle with money even after having clients. You gain trust with good branding and reputation. 
Number 3

They are Tired of Being Sold to

How many sales calls, direct messages, or emails have you received since starting your business from sales people? It’s almost never-ending sales pitches. If you try to land clients the same way as everyone else or try the old way to get business, you will struggle to find clients. You need a new modern way to find and land clients. 
Do you feel frustrated with the amount of time and money you are wasting on finding and selling to clients without results?
Of course, you could hire a professional sales team or marketing agency. That way, they handle the job of finding you clients and filling your calendar with jobs…

However, that comes with its own set of problems:

Number 1

High Cost of Services

When you just start out, you don’t have money to hire professionals who cost thousands per month. Agencies don’t typically work with small businesses as they can’t afford their fees. Marketing agencies can start at around $2000/month to all the way to $10k/month, depending on the agency and their services.
Number 2

No Guaranteed Success

Not all agencies are the same, and some are very bad. The cheaper agencies today outsource their work to freelancers and foreign workers, without any knowledge of marketing themselves. How can they check up on the work being provided if they don’t know what to look for? For this reason, plenty of cheaper agencies aren’t getting results for their clients. 
Who Am I?
How Do I Know All This?
Number 1
Hi, I'm Kenneth Donnelly, and I was once in your shoes.
I am a digital marketing specialist who also started their own agency after learning how small businesses struggle and can’t find help and when they do, they find bad agencies.  
Over the years, I've experienced all the same frustrations you have when it comes to marketing and running their own business.
When I was thinking of starting my own agency and investigated agencies in my chosen niche – small businesses – what I found shocked me. I didn’t find any competition; I couldn’t find agencies specializing in small businesses. 
How could small businesses, who struggle the most in marketing, not have an agency to help them? 
It's depressing, because up until now, you've only had 2 options:
1. Hire the “cheap” agency, who’s rates start at $2k/month and results aren’t guaranteed. 
2. Do the marketing, branding, selling, and services yourself. 
The good news is that today, there's a better option!
...AND it's every bit as effective as the best agencies in the business, but much more affordable.....
Introducing the Cleaning Starter Kit
Cleaning Starter Kit is a one-of-a-kind package that can get your cleaning business up and running within days. This includes branding materials, marketing materials, and company documents to help run your business like established professionals.
Even if:
  • You’re not a marketer and don’t know to setup ads.
  • You’ve never run a business.
  • You’re not good at sales or landing clients
We have done the work for you. We have put together brochures, sales sheets, cold marketing scripts, invoice templates, and so much more. The secret weapon in this collection – a guide on how to market your cleaning business. While others may sell you a funnel, cold call scripts, or even a set of professional ads, they won’t have results if you aren’t knowledgeable on closing clients and cold calls isn’t for you. It doesn’t matter if “this are proven cold call scripts” that have “gotten our clients millions of dollars’ worth of jobs” if you aren’t confident on the phone or the sales materials you send the potential client look amateur. 
You only have one chance to land a client as first impressions matter. At any point of a sales call, they can say no and hang up. A proven sales script won’t fix weak phone sales skills
So what is the answer to weak sales skills?

The Cleaning Starter Kit Doesn’t Rely on One Sales Method and Doesn’t Rely on Cold Leads or Big Advertising Budgets. 

Hey, I get it, I am a marketer and not a salesperson. I can build a list of warm leads all day, but if I have to cold call even warmer leads, I will fail. I know because I have failed. I am terrible on the phone and lack confidence. I could spend thousands on learning to handle phone sales, but probably will only get a bit better. My strengths were elsewhere, including this landing page, which you are reading now. If you don’t like cold calling, cold messaging, or cold emailing potential clients, you don’t have to.
This cleaning starter kit doesn’t just have cold call scripts or cold email scripts, we have multiple templates, scripts, and details on how you don’t have to rely on your phone skills or a big advertising budget. We have multiple methods to land clients so you can focus on methods that you do feel comfortable with, and you can land clients with consistently.
The best part is the secret weapon – the guide to cleaning business marketing. Learn how marketing works and learn proven marketing strategies of the fortune 500 companies that have been adapted for the cleaning industry. 
The best part is the secret weapon – the guide to cleaning business marketing. Learn how marketing works and learn proven marketing strategies of the fortune 500 companies that have been adapted for the cleaning industry. 

Do you want professional branding materials to go with the marketing materials?

The cleaning starter kit has you covered with brochures, flyers, social media graphics, and more. From day one, you can send your potential clients professional looking graphics that will allow you to compete with established businesses and even the playing field. 

Do you want to send professional invoices and quotes to you clients?

We have included templates for business documents such as invoices, standard contracts, and a quote spreadsheet to help you run your business. 

What about client management (CRM), HR, legal, etc.?

We have included a guide to get started quickly. You needs may differ and you may want to acquire more professional options in HR rather than client management, so we have included a guide on various options including free options to handle your business needs. This comprehensive guide will direct on different software options, and if there are free or low budget alternatives to handle various business functions such as an Airtable template to handle your basic CRM needs

Learn about insurance and how to protect your assets when things go wrong

Read our guide on getting your business started right and how to protect your assets. What is the different between a sole proprietorship and a Limited Liability Company? What does “pierce the corporate veil” mean when protecting your assets from your company’s liability? 
This must have and must-read guide can help you setup your business correctly so when things go wrong, you are ready for them. 

With The Cleaning Starter Kit, You Can Start Competing With Established Businesses

The cleaning starter kit has everything you need to start competing with your local cleaning business competition so you can land clients as quickly as they can. Don’t go without income because your competition sends them professional looking marketing materials and you don’t.
You don't need to cold call potential clients.
You don't need to have an advertising budget.
You don't even need to be a good salesperson!!
Anyone can use the materials here and use one of our methods or all of them to land cleaning clients. You can use a method you are strong in, get the clients warmed up, and close them with professional marketing and sales materials, all without having to rely on cold sales and advertising budgets. 
Say Goodbye to Lost Leads
Nobody likes losing a lead. Nobody. Unfortunately, it can occur throughout any part of the sales funnel: Awareness – Interest – Evaluation – Decision – Purchase – Reevaluation – Repurchase Every step of the way, you risk losing a prospect if your sales copy doesn't hit the mark.
That’s why you need professional looking sales and marketing materials with strong copy that inspires leads to action throughout the entire funnel. You also need a method that works for you. Setup a sales funnel how you want to sell – cold calls, ads, seo, social media, referrals, flyers, etc. Then guide them along with strong copy and professional sales and marketing materials. Finally close them quickly with business tools – chat to lead, instant quotes, website forms, calendar booking software, etc. Learn how to setup everything and customize our materials to fit your cleaning company and its services.
WITH Cleaning Starter Kit, YOU GET:
Nobody likes losing a lead. Nobody. Unfortunately, it can occur throughout any part of the sales funnel: Awareness – Interest – Evaluation – Decision – Purchase – Reevaluation – Repurchase Every step of the way, you risk losing a prospect if your sales copy doesn't hit the mark.
  • Dozens of materials, templates, guides, and business documents and forms. 
  • Marketing Guide – Learn cleaning marketing strategies and why certain strategies work and others don’t. 
  • 10 professional looking Facebook post templates to increase your online sales and social media followers. 
  • 10 unique email subject lines so your emails get opened and your email marketing converts.
  • ​Tons of information regarding social media post ideas to keep your social media content fresh and your followers engaged.
  • 5 powerful marketing techniques to make potential clients say, “I need your cleaning services NOW!”
  • ​Learn how to acquire testimonials to convince potential clients to trust your company and the quality of your services.
  • Customizable sales sheets, brochures, flyers to help turn leads into cleaning clients.
  • ​Getting started guide – learn to start your company off right to cover your own assets and which types of insurance can help you when things go wrong.
  • ​Powerful guide to running a cleaning business and which business tools can help you that fall within your budget.
But That's Not All...
Get The Cleaning Starter Kit Today
& You'll Also Receive a Special Bonus

Order today and you'll receive our Cleaning Marketing Book! This is a one of kind book that covers cleaning marketing strategies. This book doesn’t just cover one strategy and how to implement it into your marketing, it covers why marketing strategies fail, multiple successful marketing strategies of the biggest companies in the world, and their strategies adapted for the cleaning industry. The cleaning starter kit contains a marketing guide with only a fraction of the information found in this book. Turn your cleaning business into a lead powerhouse to keep your calendars full of jobs and potential clients begging to be put on the waitlist. 
The Cleaning Starter Kit
Is a Bargain
When you consider everything you get with Cleaning Starter Kit...
---- Marketing templates, sales copy, business forms, getting a business started guide, social media templates, and other resources
---- Exclusive starter marketing guide that will teach you how to market your cleaning business and fill your calendar with jobs
...Cleaning Starter Kit is an incredible value.
Rather than ask whether you can afford it, the question is.
Can you afford NOT to use Cleaning Starter Kit and continue...
......paying big bucks to an agency when you need cleaning leads for your business
......feeling frustrated over the dismal lead results you're getting
......worrying about your competitors and whether they're gaining on you
......wondering what you need to do to really increase sales so you feel confident your business will make it
......settling for lower profits than your business is capable of 
Consider the cost of NOT acting today.
Now that I've said that, you won’t believe the price...
Because The Cleaning Starter Kit is brand-new and I want as many people using it as possible, I'm making it available for just $97!
If you had to pay an agency to create all of the content and marketing materials, it would cost more than $10,000-and that’s just for an average agency. If you wanted to hire a top marketing agency, that figure would be $50,000. The Cleaning Starter Kit gets your company ready to compete and get leads how you prefer and it costs a fraction of what they charge.
Get The Cleaning Starter Kit Now
Don't Delay!
This early offer is only available for a limited time. You must ACT SOON if you want this early price and receive the bonus gift, the cleaning marketing book. Remember--the knowledge and content you'll gain is equivalent to thousands of dollars worth of marketing and sales materials. Use our marketing, sales, and business resources to maximize your marketing success AND profitability!

Your Strengths

Don't cold call when you don't like selling on the phone. Use strategies that work for your strengths. Feel confident that each lead can be converted by using what works for you and stop wasting resources on marketing methods that don't work for you.


Control how the leads come in, who is giving your leads, and which services they are buying. When you understand the marketing strategies, you can control the audience, how they submit leads, and which services you push.


Are you outsourcing your marketing to an agency? Learn to read the reports they give to direct them better. Get better results when you can talk the language of marketing to your agency and guide them to the results you want.
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