Having Trouble Finding Cleaning Clients? 
Do You Want to Learn Why Your Marketing is Failing?
About The Cleaning Bear 
Don't you wish that you could Get More Clients, Save Money on your Marketing, or Have More Effective Marketing Campaigns? Guess what? You Can!!
We are The Cleaning Bear and we help cleaning companies with their marketing efforts and help them find and land cleaning clients. The Difference? We teach cleaners what makes marketing work so you can do it yourself, or know why your marketing agency isn't delivering you results. 
We offer a few different solutions including a one of a kind cleaning marketing book. This book doesn't say "do this" and you will get cleaning clients. We go though marketing details so you understand what is going on and then we take marketing strategies from Fortune 500 companies and show you how to implement them for your cleaning business. 

What Does This Mean for my Cleaning Business?

 This means you don't have to cold call if you hate selling by phone, you don't have to have a massive ad budget when you are starting a new cleaning business,  you can follow and customize a cleaning marketing strategy that caters to your strengths and advertising budget, even if you don't have one.

The Cleaning Bear Resources

View our main website that is full of articles and resources to help you market your cleaning business.

The Cleaning Marketing Book

Struggling to find clients? Don't know why your marketing isn't working? This unique book covers marketing like no one else.

The Cleaning Starter Kit

Starting a cleaning business? Need a jump start? Our kit can get your business up and running with days.

The Cleaning Marketing Kit

Don't have time to read our book or want clients like yesterday? Our Marketing Kit can get your marketing working now.
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